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Rachel and Jesse

Love Rachel and Jesse!! Rachel and I were several classes together at BYU – Idaho….. good times, good times. So when I came back to Idaho for a bit we got togetha during lunch break (because peeps gotta go to work!) and had ourselves a slammin photographic session! In the very beginning they warned me that they would be super awkward and not photogenic—well I won’t believe a thing they say ever again because that was clearly a big, fat fib! These dudes are rockstars!!!

So as I was editing these I had a little playlist going through my head—the whole time. That’s why I decided to give you the option of listening in on a song (one of those playing in my brain) while you go through these photos, it might give you the sort of the same feel. Yeah?

Happy – Never Shout Never

Jenae @ Wildflower - C.U.T.E. so freaking Cute! love the one where they are kissing…husband and I need to get some photo’s taken…hmmm I need to put that into my list of things to do this summer..Great photos!

Caley - love these!! especially with the desks and chalkboard! you are so creative…i can’t get over it!

Kylee - The last one is my favorite!!! So cute and relaxed!

lyndsey @ the stationery place - you did such a great job!! love that rachel & jesse and i love the locations you picked.

'Hel - You are AMAZING!!! seriously… your my freakin hero. Thanks for thinking of us and making us look good even though we WERE super awkward 😉

Emily Meyerhoffer - Sooo dang darling!!!! You’re awesome!

Tucker's - Love them Love them! And the song! haha It put me in a super good mood :) You are AMAZING!

andrea brionne - i adore sammys and have always wanted to take photos there. love the photos you took!

The Mid Life Guru - Wow–you are so talented and captured some incredible shots of two of my most favorite people.

Julia and Chris

This photogenic couple are some friends from Fullerton. She’s a talented graphic designer, he’s super into sports—so naturally we get along real well (because I’m into art and stuff and Jas is thoroughly addicted to Sports Center… we’ve got so much in common! ha!).
We had ourselves a good ol time wandering around downtown Fullerton, stopping on benches, curbs, tables, bike racks for a photo or two. And all the time there was me rambling along, trying to explain photo-decision-making-processes running through my brain. For teaching purposes… I hope. Chris is quite the photo enthusiast!! (sure hope I didn’t just confuse you!)
So these peeps got to glimpse into the scary-wild place that is my brain—and after it was all over they said they still like me. I think that little test might have made us friends for life or something like that.

Ashley Mikell - i love these! they are so natural looking. love LOVE love!

Lili - Wow! Those two are picture perfect :-) And your photography is amazing, but don’t we know that. Yay!

Miss C. - She looks like Jennifer Garner, so pretty! I am astounded by your work and clients.

Emily Dawn - She is beautiful!

Julia Warren - I love how they turned out. Everything. The ones against the blue wall make me extra happy. I bow to you, camera goddess.

Rachelle - SO CUTE! Great job!

Leslie - cutest couple ever! you really captured their darlingness! julia is right, you are the camera goddess!

Fackrell family

I am so excited about this shoot!!!! It was the perfect evening for a family session—the wild flowers were popping up all over the place, the sun was warm and soft and this family is the best ever. Kylee wanted to have some family photos taken to wrap up their California adventure (not the theme park). Andy graduated from law school and they have moved on to new things…. But we had ourselves a lovely photoshoot to go out with a bang!
Can I just say that these peeps have got some mad style and two of the darlingest little girls you ever did see? Those little ladies are bursting with personality and happiness, two things that turn photos into total magic! And the fact that everyone is perfectly styled makes everything even betta—props to Kylee and her hot-mama-hipster-fashionista ways (don’t you just love her glasses, I think I told her I love them maybe twenty times)!

Because sometimes I hear songs in my head, or coming out of my computer, while I’m working I feel like it’s only right to share. This way we can set the mood for your viewing pleasure. And who doesn’t love some Mindy Gledhill? Yeah? Yeah!


communikate - We love Andy and Kylee!!

I saw these on Ky’s FB page and loved them!

Oh, and it’s true Kylee has mad style. I’m always envious of her great outfits when I see her! :)

mandyface - love it lady!!! and good song combo!

Lucy - darling family and glasses.

C & S - OH nice! Your right these colors are awesome! You always do such a great job and truly have your own style! Hope all is good with you guys!

Leslie - i love the one of andy and kylee kissing. so adorable. such a darling family, we’re gonna miss them.


Jason and I took a little break from the daily and drove to the city by the bay (on hwy 1….. which is something I firmly believe every red-blooded American should do at least once in their life, it’s just that beautiful). We love that city and had ourselves a fantastic time. We have decided that next time, because there will certainly be a next time, we will hit up a Giants game and the SFMOMA.

But until next time……….here are lots and lots of photos from this trip!!!

Heather M - I absolutely LOVE these pictures!

Emily Dawn - My sister is moving there in May- and now I can’t wait to go visit! Looks like so much fun!!

Becca's Blog - Great pics! I love northern California. I heard they are starting flights on Alegiant from IF to San Fran…I really hope it’s true.

Jess - Awesome pics! I sure love the city in the spring!

Leslie - love the colors. and your eye. you just have a talent my friend. i love the photos of you and jason. you have been teaching him some tricks too!

alli/hooray - I just found my way here through your other blog and your photos are FANTASTIC! So beautiful, it’s like being there.

the binghams. - i think these are the best i’ve seen from you! plus i just LOVE that city with all my little heart.

tori lynn dickson - beautiful!

molly - i found your website through The Daybook and stumbled across this post- I just moved to L.A. from S.F. a few months ago and your pictures almost made me cry (so pathetic lol). You captured the city beautifully! Your other pictures are gorgeous as well! I do not have a someone in my life to take adorable pictures to happy songs with, but I may just have to grab my friends for a photo session sometime! love your work :)

this is Ami

She is super spunky, incredibly sweet and totally ready to do whatever I asked her to (love that!). Even when I said “Stand right here” and ran behind the tree—she didn’t even laugh at me or call me crazy. That’s when I knew I liked her. Anyway, I love the casual feel to these photos. I find it refreshing for some reason. Alright….. I’ll shut up. Enjoy.

wonderchris - Great pics. They are so summery feeling – a needed shot of relaxing in the sun this time of year!

Melody - She is beautiful! You are so talented. I’m jealous of all the sunshine and green stuff you have going on there!

genevieve, sandbox romance - I’m always floored by the photos you take; simple, clean, and beautiful, every time. You make fantastic use of natural light!

blorange dice - she’s gorgeous! you captured her pretty eyes beautifully (: