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Olsen family

Brittany is the sweetest little mama you will ever meet and Scott lives for their tiny man’s smile. I love how happy they are together—a perfect family of three amigos. I also love Brittany’s hot red nails (pow!!).

 Everybody—Ingrid Michaelson

Caley - Beautiful family and beautiful photos! Another great job Geri! Can’t wait to see more!

Meagan Williamson - What a beautiful family! You are incredibly talented and capture the most beautiful moments!

Brittany Davis - That is my favorite song of all time! Super cute family!

Brittany Olsen - Geri, Thanks a million for capturing our lil fam! :) The photos turned out so beautiful. We just love em!

Laura Walsh - Ok, so I totally went to high school with Scott Olsen. Weird! Great job Geri!

winner winner winner!!!

Thank you everyone for the amazing response! WOW!!! I am seriously feeling the love.

Because of the high volume of entries and because I am my very own boss and because it’s really fun to push the generate-a-random-number button, I decided to giveaway TWO (holla)!!!!!

Congrats ladies! I’m excited to work with you both very soon!

Shannon cait - Congrats to those girls, although I am bummed it is not me! I can’t wait to see their photoshoots!

Brooke - Dang. You should have another give away, I am bummed too it’s not me. Next time you are up in the SF area, I’ve been dying to have my husband and I’s pictures taken!

Meg - I cannot believe how lucky I am!!! Sorry to you other gals… But Geri is all mine! For an hour or two!!

Jill Anderson - Just keep me in mind for the next Grand-Mother shoot! Have a blast with your LUCKY winners!

erin jane - Wow.. I wish I was the lucky winner of this. Your images are amazing. I saw them on the daybook and was drooling.

Sydney and Tyson are having a baby!

I have been so excited to share this with you for soooooo long!!!! So excited actually, that I decided I am going to GIVE AWAY a full photo session to one lucky reader!! Leave a comment below to enter! (full giveaway info at the bottom of this post)  closed

Alright—So when we were in Idaho we met up with our friends, Sydney and Tyson, for a photo shoot to celebrate the little dude growing inside Syd’s belly. Well! Maybe it was the combination of Stewart’s Orange Cream Soda, strawberries, red licorice and sunshine…. but this happy little evening turned into magic. Maybe it was because these two are just that awesome and somebody has quite the new-mother-glow radiating from her eyeballs (check out that glow, will ya). Either or.

It was so much fun to catch up on life and adventures and the effects pregnancy has on bodily functions—totally loved every minute of it and totally miss those dudes and cannot WAIT for the little mister to make his debut in a few months!!! But before that happens here are some photos from our sunny evening picnic, complete with lama and goat (you’ll have to watch the slideshow for those two), in good ol Rexburg….

This time there were several songs that were on the playlist in my head…. and I just couldn’t decide which one to share, so I just decided to share them all because sometimes more is awesome.

And if that wasn’t enough for you—you can view the slideshow with a million more photos of these super rad peeps RIGHT HERE!!!


Giveaway Deets:

Giving away a FULL session (engagement, family, baby, maternity…. you name it!) in California/Utah/Idaho…… because we live in Southern CA and we’re from Idaho area so we visit lots.

Leave a comment to enter!!! For extra entries like Photo by Geri on facebook or follow Me and Him and tell me about it in a separate comment here.

The winner will be selected at random on Monday, August 29!!!!

Jenna Gribble - LOVE LOVE LOVE Syd and Tyson! great photoshoot ….they are too stankin cute! ….and now I want a orange soda =]

Meg - ok you are good girl!!! love these photos!!! and i just happen to be from utah and live in CA… this is good!

Sara - These are beautiful! Awesome work. :)

jackie - goodness, these are so sweet :) they’re such a cute couple. good work :)

and i’m not anywhere near you, so while i’d love to win the giveaway with an awesome photographer like you, i can’t :(

Rebecca - I love your photos but just started following, a little late on that train! But going to win!

Ashley - Love these! The colors, setting, lighting, not to mention the beautiful couple….it’s all so pretty!

Allison Watson - Beautiful pictures! Would absolutely love to win this photo shoot.

Bianca - I absolutely LOVE your photos!

Jackie - Love, love, LOVE the images – Beautiful work!

Elissa Ricks - Beautiful!!! We are in WY but from Idaho and visit Idaho for holidays so can I enter? Would so love some family picutres!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Elissa Ricks - I like Photo by Geri on facebook!

Kimber - This session is beautiful! I’d be tickled pink to win! And I’m in Utah, yay, so I can enter!!!

Johanna - Love the photos! So much more classy than a naked pregnant belly!

yolanda tiemann - i love these couple shots! :) gorgeous!

Kelly Mann - You have done such and amazing job! Can I enter my sister? She and her hubby (and sweet little baby) live in Hawthorne, CA and never take the time out for someone to take their family photos. I would love for them to win over me!

yolanda tiemann - just started following photo by geri on facebook!

Breann Johnson - Seriously!%20Love%20these!%20Congrats%20you%20guys%20and%20hope%20we%20win%20a%20great%20photo%20session%20too!

Kimber - And I just followed your facebook page!

Elissa Ricks - I follow me and him!

Nicole H - Geri, these pictures are amazing! As always. And I can’t even believe you are giving away a whole photoshoot. That would be like gold to me! To even meet you would be amazing. I saw that you did that mentoring thing awhile back. I need to save my pennies for that!

Nicole H - Geri%2C%20these%20pictures%20are%20amazing!%20As%20always.%20And%20I%20can’t%20even%20believe%20you%20are%20giving%20away%20a%20whole%20photoshoot.%20That%20would%20be%20like%20gold%20to%20me!%20To%20even%20meet%20you%20would%20be%20amazing.%20I%20saw%20that%20you%20did%20that%20mentoring%20thing%20awhile%20back.%20I%20need%20to%20save%20my%20pennies%20for%20that!%20

Ashley - My family NEEDS a photoshoot, your pics are too cute! xoxo

jhen.stark - Seriously probably one of my most favorite maternity sessions to date! Love the natural feel of everything!

jhen.stark - Totally just went through your facebook and liked it. And just for personal kicks went meandering around your blog and became a follower- So Cal photog… either way, whether I win or not, I’m keeping you in mind when my family is ready for photos!

Nicole Garcia - You are SO talented. i would absolutely go crazy if I won!

Nicole Garcia - I followed your blog. :)

Brynne Frei - hooray! these photos are so pretty and i love the music selection as well! where were you for my wedding? i’d love a photo shoot with you and even live in LA!

Alaina - Hello!%20I%20read%20Sydney’s%20blog%20everyday%2C%20and%20these%20pictures%20that%20you%20have%20taken%20of%20them%20are%20STUNNING!!!%20I’ve%20been%20wanting%20good%20family%20pictures%20for%20awhile%2C%20I%20hope%20I%20can%20win!!%20I%20live%20in%20Utah!%20

Alaina - That other comment looks like hieroglyphics. Your pictures are stunning, to say the least! I’ve been wanting family pictures for awhile so I hope I win! I live in Utah.

Alysha - Oh. My. Gosh. You take such gorgeous photo’s! I’d love for you to capture that magic with my little babe to be! Thanks for the chance!

Alaina - I follow you on Facebook!

Jessica Trewartha - i would love to win a photo shoot!! These pictures are great :)

Emily p - This shoot is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your work with us, you obviously have a huge passion for what you do.

jenicee - I would love a photo shoot with you. Your pictures are amazing!

Kristy Rohrer - I absolutely love the pictures! We just had our little one and would love to have our family pics taken by you! SO cute!

Julia - Your work is so beautiful! How fun to capture an amazing moment in their lives! Beautiful :)

xo Julia

Julia - I liked you on FB!

xo Julia

Julia - AND I am following you on google reader now! :)

xo Julia

Shellsea - Wow, what an amazing shoot. You captured Syd and Tyson so well. Great job! We are planning a trip out to CA in a few weeks so if I win it would work out perfect. Like a dream come true.

Love, Shellsea Blog – Giveaway today

Whitney - Beautiful work! Love this. And I just happen to live in SoCal–love to win a giveaway.

Kristy Rohrer - I liked you on facebook! I seriously love your work!

Shellsea - Extra entry:
Following me and him via GFC

Love, Shellsea Blog – Giveaway today

Shellsea - Extra entry:
Liked on Facebook. :)

Love, Shellsea Blog – Giveaway today

Kristy Rohrer - ANNNDDD….followed you on me and him. :)

Shana - Well Missy…you sure did capture the moment…I love the spirit of these photos..and while I am not preggers…the hubby and I need some family shots with our pups before we do get pregnant!!! We live in LV but make trips to Cali and Utah all the time!! and plan on going to Utah in the next couple months! I have been going through your photos all morning long!! Thanks for doing this!!!


London - I loved these pics. We have baby number one on the way as well, due at the end of Oct (Sydney and I are like baby mom twins and I love keeping up on her baby projects aka stealing them for my own). Your pics are incredible and we would love to make our own photo shrine! We live in Provo Utah, if that is not too far of a jaunt we would love to win this session.

christy - I would LOVE to win!!! I have yet to get a family picture to grace our walls!

Erika - Love love love these photos but I’d love to win the giveaway even more :)

Alli Damraur - OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I don’t think I am qualified for your pretty talents because we aren’t in Cali/Idaho. BUT, that won’t stop me from telling you that I love your work, and you. You are adorable, and maybe, just maybe we could have some sort of Old Farm reunion. I would love that! Hope you two are doing well:)

bre - Love your photos! I haven’t had pics of my hubby and I since we got married (6 years ago)…and not counting the attempts of self-portraits we tried! Thanks for this opportunity!

Stephanie - I would love to win! Love these.

Madeline - I love these so much! You’re amazing!

Shauna - I’m in love with these photos!! And all your work :) My husband and I might be visiting California soon, so this would be perfect!

Tailor - They are absolutely adorable!! You are an excellent photographer!

Shawna Lauringson - I love these photos lady! You had me at the bowl of strawberries!! I would love to win a photo shoot with you, I live on the Central Coast of CA and it would be amazing to have some new pictures of my man and I! We are coming up on our one year anniversary and I cant think of a better way to celebrate than having new pictures of us adorne our home! Fingers are crossed.

Yana - What a sweet shoot. And what a sweet giveaway :)

Coco - So cute! Great pictures…. love Sydney’s blog and now I’m a fan of your work!

Von - Sorry if you get more than one comment from me…I really am not trying to be annoying. :) BUT my computer is being annoying. LOL.

Gorgeous photos! You are one talented lady.

You can never have too many pictures.

crisa - niice photos! love the ones with depth!

Shelly - gorgeous photo’s. Im in CA {Sacramento area} and would love to win!

Emily Stembridge - I love your photos! Beautiful! And my husband and I haven’t had any pictures since we were married! We need some fabulous family photos, so I’m crossing my fingers!

Natalie - Oh man! These photos are so GORGEOUS!!

Natalie - and I liked you on FB!

Laura - Your photos are gorgeous!! Love, love them!! and I live in SoCal, I want this! haha :) Happy Tuesday!

Emily Van Wagoner - Oh wow, that first picture with the strawberry?! Do her lips go pop, or what. Gorgeous. How could you go wrong with such a beautiful couple though :) Awesome shoot.
We live in UT but are moving to Cali in Oct. Perfect 😉

Ashley - Those photos are gorgeous! I love the picnic idea! I would love to have a maternity session. Me and Sydney are due only a few days apart from each other! :)

Ashley - I like you on facebook!

Ashley - …and I follow your cute life on Me and Him. :)

Laura - ps, I liked your page!

Laura - aaaand, Im a new follower :)

Sarah - You are an amazing photographer! I’m just now starting to explore my interest in photography and you are like everything I’d love to be. We are going to school in Provo and expecting a baby in November and would love to do a maternity shoot with you 😀 Either way I’m excited to keep following your website and learning from you’re great art work!

Anna - Been following me and him for a while now! Love your stuff.

Anna - Beautiful photos and I like that the guy was really incorporated as well! For some reason, you don’t see a lot of that happening.

Anna - Liked you on facebook as well!

Casey - Beautiful shoot. I love your style, and would love to win!

Emily Stembridge - I liked on facebook too! I tried to follow the blog but couldn’t find a follow link! I’m probably missing something totally obvious, but yea, couldn’t find it. :(

Emily - (sigh) SO perfect!!!! :)

Kate McHugh - Came over from Sydney’s page and I just adore their photo sesh. Those two really are the cutest couple. And your photog skills are pretty awesome as well…and I live in Southern Cali..score :)

tasha - Would love to win an engagement photo sesh for my newly engaged sister here in socal! gorgeous photos.

Ashley - So amazing!

tasha - also like you on Facebook!

Caley - These are beautiful Geri!! All of your work is beautiful! I would love to win a session for me and my hubby!

Alyssa - I am from Utah and I am in dire need of an anniversary photo shoot. My husband inists of just having friends take a picture here and there. No! Worse idea ever. Hopefully if I win this thing we’ll finally get our anniversary pictures! Love your work!

Alyssa - I liked photo by geri on facebook!

Susana Escamilla - Syd and Ty are just perfect for each other. I love her little cute blog. Because of her I discovered yours and im loving it…hehehe.

Caley - I like Photo by Geri on facebook and Me and Him! :)

Alyssa - I am also a follower of me and him.

lacey - Such beautiful, amazing pictures! I live in Socal too =)

shevy - Wow what a I have been searching for someone to take family pictures.your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

julie - how lucky, pregnant and living in ca… sure hope im the lucky commenter… these photos are amazing!

lacey - I liked your FB page

Kristin - I came over from The Daybook, and I love your work! So gorgeous, I am going to be back to check out your stuff in future…it is absolutely beautiful.

Susana Escamilla - Oh by the way I subscribe to your page and follow you on facebook! Good Luck to everyone who enters. Also, if you have not been to Palos Verdes,CA totally recommend it…You will have fun taking pics of that beautiful place =)

Ellen - Gorgeous photoshoot! And we happen to be in Orange County and would love a shoot of our own. :)

lacey - I’m following me and him =)

Beth - #1 Syd and Tys are adorable.
#2 I just got engaged.
#3 Love your work!

Elaine - I’d love to win a sesh! I live in L.A.

meag - I’m an avid follower of Syd + Ty and love how happy they look! They will make the coolest parental units ever! Your newest follower~

I live in Jackson Hole, WY so I’d love to win that free photo shoot :)

AnnMarie - photos are amazing! sydney & tyson are so cute!

Jenna C - Lovely pictures of the sweetest couple ever! I would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

Corinna - You always photograph them so well! love all the happy bright colors! xo, corinna (ps, I live in California!)

Kali - Oh, my soul. These are beautiful. I’m live in CA, and would just die to have some of your artwork on my walls.

Cassie - Such beautiful photographs! And I live in California and would love a maternity shoot!

Kirtley Adams - I love these photos! Now I want an orange soda and strawberries :)

Erin - You are so talented! I love these pictures!

Kirtley A. - I like photos by geri on facebook and follow me and him. I’m so glad I did. I love all the photos.

Alecia Dickes - Beautiful pictures! I would love to win and get some photos of husband and I!

Marilyn - WOW! I am so impressed! You captured this special time in their life beautifully. These pics will be treasured for a lifetime.

valen Hunter - Great job!

Alecia Dickes - I liked Photo by Geri on facebook :)

Beth - And I’m following Me and Him.

valen Hunter - Liked your photo Facebook page!

Camille - Oh my goodness, love your work! Such beautiful photos. Can’t wait to check out the rest of it.

Alecia Dickes - And…. I tried and tried to follow your blog me and him but it wouldn’t let me click on it to follow. So… take that as you may, or you can let me know how to fix it :)

wonderchris - Love those photos!! You are so talented and I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have such beautiful subjects. :)

Truly amazing shots!

Morgan Winslow - Love your beautiful Art (photographs) I wish I didn’t live in Texas so I could take part! :) you’re great though!

R. Pyper - Woo — these look great! Would love to win a shoot. :)

Molly - I love it! I want a photoshoot in Utah!

hayley - So looks gorgeous! of course i’m throwing my hat in the pot!!

Jaycee - Oh, i so want to win the photo shoot! Never really loving any of the pictures my husband and I have had together, this would be a good time to get some done we absolutely love!

hayley - I also follow on GFC

hayley - and you are liked on facebook! woohoo!

Jessica Hills - These look SO great! I am a huge fan of yours and as a photographer winning a photo session myself would be AWESOME! I like in Utah so PERFECT!

Christi - These pictures are great! I would love to have a photo shoot like this!

Jessica Hills - Like you on facebook too.

Alynne Leigh - These pictures are GORGEOUS! (:
How excited for Syd and Ty!


PS: Loving the soundtrack of choice, by the way!! :)

Jessica Hills - And now following Me and Him

Jaycee - I also liked you on facebook!

Amy - I love the photos! I follow Sydney’s blog and think her and Tyson are super fun. Also, the location is so perfect that it almost doesn’t look real!

Amy - Oh and I liked Photo by Geri on Facebook too! :)

Rae - Your photos are amazing! I love the lighting and texture you bring out. And of course, Syd and Tyson! Beautiful subjects! I live in Salt Lake City, would love to have to come!

Meredith Carlie - Your photography is gorgeous! I’d love some new pictures of my husband and me, with our dogs!

Riley Jo Justesen - AMAZING!!! I love that it seems to capture their personalities. You are so great, as usual. And I am from Utah! Awesomeness!

Rae - I like Photo by Geri! And now follow you!

Brooke BB - Here from the Daybook. These are LOVELY!

Brooke BB - I liked Photo by Geri on FB :)

caitlin - BEAUTIFUL photos!! Would LOVE to have you photograph our family! We are in chicago BUT moving back to SO CAL in the next 4 weeks!!! So it would work :)

caitlin - also became a follower of ME and HIM and am liking you on facebook! thanks!

Brooke BB - I now follow ‘me and him’

Brooke - Picnic perfection!

karly leavitt - oh, this is deluctable! i love! :]

Colleen L. - Oh my gosh, your work is beautiful – they are both so stinkin’ cute! We live in AZ but are always looking for a reason to visit So-Cal :) The hubs and I would love to sit for a photo sesh for this year’s Christmas cards – is that silly that we totally send photo cards for Christmas?! Pick me, pick me! :)

Andrea - What a gorgeous/adorable/lovely shoot! Love it! Thank you for such a great giveaway:)

Whitney - I am pregnant and been scouring the internet to find cute maternity pictures cause I want to capture all the beauty of this little one. These pictures are gorgeous!

Andrea - Following Me and Him!

Melina - I loveeeeeee this photoshot!!
I been following your blog and The Datebook
for so long that it actually surprised me
that you guys know each other from school :)

I am really happy for their pregnancy.
I can’t wait for that little guy to be born.

Renae Tucker - These pictures are so adorable! I love them! I live in Utah so I am definitely jumping on this giveaway and hoping to win!

Nicole - Ahhh! Would loooooove to win this as Hubs and I are from CA but currently are living in LA for the month. Waaazaaa!!!!

Colleen L. - just “liked” your FB page too! :)

Renae Tucker - I liked Photo by Geri on Facebook for an extra entry into the giveaway.

mindy - these are amazing. i love them! i came here from the daybook to check them out, then decided i want some of my own! (minus the pregnant belly + my little boy :) pick me! pick me!

gioia - I would love a photo shoot by you.. your photography is beautiful..

Nicole - also following your blog now!!

Megan - Adore your photos… I’m a recent fan/follower and love how you capture the entire feel, atmosphere and excitement in each of your shoots!

mindy - i just started following ‘me and him’ and am already a fan!

Em {pushups with polish} - hi! i was immediately attracted to these photos when i saw them on The Daybook. You really captured a special moment in a way that will be cherished forever. ohh and the doughnuts don’t look too shabby either :) xxo

Kailee - Cute cute! I like this pregnancy photo shoot. It’s a lot more fun and way less creepy than the ones where husband is like kissing the belly or doing something weird. Ha anyways. I’m from Utah and it would be soo fun to do a photo shoot with my family or actually even my roommates. Yes, that would be so fun :) We could all wear vintage dresses or something cute and have such a fun photoshoot. Thanks for the giveaway!!

jennika - love your photos! Were expecting our first AND were recent graduates of BYUi that now live in CA! We would LOVE to win a shoot!

hannah - so beautiful. i love the light in your photos! it’s gorgeous and so sunshiney. would love to win a photoshoot like that! what a lucky person that will. best wishes.

Andrea - Greetings from a fellow photo blogger, I love your craft with light. This turned out great and the idea was so simple. No wardrobe or location changes, just “go on a picnic.” Pin worthy for sure.

DoublClik Photo Blog

Sade - Beautiful photos! I’d love to win a session with you! Especially if donuts are included 😎

Chelsea - always love tys and syd…and i LOVE these photos! great job, girl!

Aja - Love your style and your work. You’re incredible :]

Perla Ramirez - This photoshoot is absolutely adorable!

Aja - new fan on your fb page :)_

Cerrisse - She is the cutest pregnant girl ever! You do an amazing job :)

Cerrisse - I liked your facebook page.

Cerrisse - I am now following Me and Him.

Rachel - Sydney has such an adorable baby bump. Seriously loving these pictures!

Rachel - I follow “Me and Him” now :)

Rachel - I like photo by Geri on facebook :)

christy - I like Geri on Facebook!

christy - I joined the site “me and him”.

Lauren - Oh girl I am dying! Your photos are the bomb. I would absolutely love to win. Especially since it didn’t work out last time we tried, and it was a mega disappointment!

Lauren - following me and him- like duh!

Jessica - These are just lovely, Sydney really has that new mommy glow! I love how you just capture each emotion perfectly.

Stephanie - your pictures are INCREDIBLE!

Jessica - I liked photo by geri on facebook

Jessica - I loveeeee your photography!

Elizabeth Elisalde - I am in love with your photography skills, these are amazing!

xanthe - I love this. I live the way you capture color and light. This would be a dream come true honestly, I am expecting and would love beautiful shots like these!

Alicia Andrus - Love Sydney! She is just to cute! Would love to win this photo shoot.

Becca - Could you make my hubby and I look even close to as good as these shots of Syd and her man? Awesome pics!

Rachel - Beautiful! you are amazing! Those are some of the most fun, gorgeous belly photos I’ve seen!

Laura - I love the way you photograph! The way you capture them and the lighting really makes these photographs something to look at twice. We are pregnant with our first and live in Utah & it would be great to win a session with you!

Jessica - These pictures are so beautiful! I would love to win a baby shoot from you. We are due any minute now and so excited!

Jessica - Liked on Facebook!

Sarah - oh i have been admiring your work for months and would LOVE to win!

Jessica - I am now (loving) and following your blog! I love the nail polish posts!

Samantha - What a beautiful shoot! Wish I had something similar <3 The light in your photos is stunning. **swoon**

Catherine Fishback - I live in Southern California too! And I love your pictures. I would love for you to shoot an anniversary love shoot of my husband and me.

Julie Barnes - Wow, your photos are amazing and we would sure be lucky to have you take pictures of our family. You are incredibly talented and these pictures of Sydney are awesome. Keep up the great work!

Courtney - These shots are perfect… absolutely perfect! You have a magic touch, and are able to capture to beauty and love between this marvelous couple! I applaud you for your talent and your eye; you have a real gift.

Brittany P - Absolutely, positively LOVE this!! Amazing work. Fingers crossed to win the photo session :)

Brittany P - Liked your facebook page :)

Danielle Reichenberg - You have talent, those photos are beautiful! I would love to win a shoot! I’m from Utah…yay!

lindee - I love love these. It would be so great to win!!

Gina Alton - I live in So. UT so that might work right? I love your style and these are so beautiful of Tyson and Sydney. Also love your taste in music :) So awesome!

Aly - Love the pictures!

Kristal Jones - Love the photos! Absolutely gorgeous! You are very talented, can’t wait to see more of your work!

Kristal Jones - I like Photo by Geri on FB.

Kaycie Eddie - Sweet giveaway!! what a cute couple.

Kaycie Eddie - I liked you on FB!

Cierra Orellana - first time seeing your site and i’m in LOOOOVE. love the photos, the styling, love it all. i would die if i won!

Heidi jo - These are so cute! I live in CA and would love to do a maternity session or family session after this babe is born!!

Gina Alton - Liked your fb page as well.

Katelyn Barton - Great work Geri! Would love to win!

Jennifer Schroeder - Would love love love to win this! My husband does photography, but we have no family photos. :( It’s too hard to get creative family photo’s when you’re trying to be in them as well. We live in CA and would love to win! LOVE your photography style! Thanks for the opportunity.
Jen S.

Sarah - Great photos! I will def keep you in mind next time I need a photographer!

Kara - I love the picnic idea!! So fun!

Kara - I liked u!

Emily Meyerhoffer - I want to win!!! You’re amazing!

Sarah - Liked your fb page too! Thanks for this opportunity :)

Sarah - I liked your FB page too :) Thanks!

Emily Meyerhoffer - I want to win!! You’re amazing!!

Julie - I love your photos! Great giveaway!

Shauna - I also “liked” you on facebook :)

Susie Stout - Loved the colors and the creativity!!!! How I miss Idaho. I would love to win!

Susie Stout - I liked you on facebook…just like I like these photos

zelina - what gorgeous photos :)

Liz - Beautiful photos! I want some of me and my husband too!

Jessie Corse - Wow! The pictures turned out great. LOVE that it was a Non-Maternity, Maternity shoot.

Shannon cait - WHOA – LOVE THESE!!!

Jessie Corse - “liked” you in FB!!

Shannon cait - I’m a follower now!!!

Helen - Live in Southern California but I spent the summer in DC so I’m loving Sydney’s posts on Washington! And these photos-gorgeous!

Karylle Cook - I love your amazing talent and style of photos you do! This couple and the theme of the picnic is very original!

Lauren M - She’s definately got that preggo glow! Hope we win a session with you!

Kim T - These are so pretty and a smidge Ralph Laurenish, but much much cooler. Fabulous work Ms Geri. And, even if I don’t win, you should have some mini sessions here in Utah, but can you wait until after I have the bambino so I can feel a little less frumpy :) I think you would have lots of peeps interested here.

Jacie Saltzman - ummmm OK!! sweet deal! i love syd. in a completely blog stalking, she doesnt know me kind of way.

Kate - Beautiful pictures!!!

Jacie Saltzman - also, ima follow your blog. now i love you in a completely blog stalk way too

Mikayla - I LOVE these. So much I pinned this. (:

Mikayla - I now like you on facebook.

Mikayla - I follow me and him! (:

Melissa Cook - pick me pick me!!

Melissa Cook - following you on fb!

Melissa Cook - following “me and him” too !

dani - AMAZING! I’m in northern ca…always in need of a vacation! I’m a single momma to an almost one year old so pics of us together a few….boo

dani - I follow on FB!

dani - And I follow your lovely blog!

Mallorie - I would love to be considered for a photoshoot! I love love love what you do, I stalk Sydney and was so happy she forwarded me to you! Now I can add you to my favorites list and blog I follow! I would love to get pictures!

Hailey - I love this! So beautiful! I’m expecting my first right now and this is the type of maternity shoot I would love to do.

Anne Hill - I love the beautiful light to your photos!

Anne Hill - like you on facebook!

Anne Hill - Following Me & Him! It’s just so cute!

Suzanne - Love the photoshoot of Sydney and Tyson. Your work is beautiful!

Heather K - Love your work! Really could use a nice family photo!

Tamara - I live in Idaho! Would love to win! Thanks!

Heather K - I liked on FB

Heather K - I follow your blog.

Mallorie - I liked your FB Too!

Emily Isacksen - These pictures are absolutely stunning!! They really show how madly in love Sydney & Tyson are :) I’m so happy for them! I especially love the colors & lighting. Hopefully i can get a fabulous photoshoot by you too!

Ingrid - Beautiful shots – fantastic use of light and color splashes. Would love to have you come do a shoot for us in Northern Cal!

Shauna - I’m also a follower of your blog :)

Leeann - Strictly entering in hopes of getting donuts. Oh, and my dude is h-a-n-d-s-o-m-e!

melissa - Never entered one of these before but your work has inspired me. My family needs a photo shoot with you.

melissa - Also, liked you on Facebook. Crossing my fingers.

Leslie - Love your photography! I’m in utah

ashleycolean - love it! i’m a sucker for a great photography blog!! and i’d love a vacation to get a couple photos taken! :)

Leslie - I am a follower of your blog Me and Him

Melissa - I would be over the moon if we won!

Meagan Williamson - You are an incredibly talented photographer! This session was so clever, love the idea of a picnic! I would be one lucky girl to win a photo shoot by you.

Meagan Williamson - I am now a follower of your blog :)

Meagan Williamson - I also liked your fb page!

Haley Kunz - These are beautiful! I’d love to have a photo session with you!

ashley mikell - hey hey! i am lovin these pics!

Michaela Pease - ADORABLE! LOVE all these photos! also, just liked your facebook page! pickkk me :)

Katie - Love these! Gimme gimme gimme!

Avalon - I would loooove a photo shoot! These pictures are perfect!

Leah - Eeek I would LOVE to win a photo shoot! These are GORGEOUS!

Julie B - Oh geez, stunning photos! I would love for you to shoot our little family.

Leah - I also followed your other blog!

Leah - I also liked you on Facebook!

Stephanie Lovio - Oh please please we need family pictures taken! And we live in SoCal, double bonus!! These pictures are ridiculous, you are one talented lady.

Stephanie Lovio - I liked you on Facebook and follow you on Me and Him

Torrie - Sydney and Tyson are seriously one of the cutest couples ever—what an inspiring shoot! I love your photography, Geri! (And I would LOVE to win this shoot with you, because you’ve been so inspiring to me). I’m sure the new little baby of theirs will be just as gorgeous as they are.

morgan fuller - i am absolutley in love with these pictures!!! you are AMAZING!!! please pick me!!! id kill for gorgeous senior pictures by you! :)

Nicole Monique - I have yet to get a photo shoot done of myself with my baby girl Lily! I would absolutely die if I won this amazing giveaway!

Lauren Jew - Such beautiful photos and a delicious looking picnic!

Karla - Wow – beautiful photos! I love the lighting.

Nicole Monique - Liked you on facebook too!!!

Joy - Beautiful. I needed you when I was getting married. I will pass your name on to my sister.

Devin - Love Sydney and Tyson! They are so cute together! I follow Sydney blog every day. Thanks for taking their pictures, I’ll never get tired of good…wonderful photography. Great Job!

Jessica - I love this shoot! You’re so talented!

Jessica - I liked you on facebook :)

Jessica - I follow “Me and Him” now!

Janae Evans - Those photos are amazing! I would love to have some photos like that of my family to have on display for everyone to see!

Kristen Pope - I love these pictures of the happy couple! The location is beautiful… I live in California and would love to have a shoot done by you!

Chelsea Davis - I love the photos. I hope I win this for the Baby. P.s. I live in Rexburg.

Kristen Pope - like you on FB too!

Ana - What a cute photoshoot! They look so great and happy!

christine - gorgeous pictures!! i love how you captured their pure happiness!!

Kaisa - In love with these pics – what a beautiful couple as well! I’ve been wanting to do a one-year anniversary photo shoot and love the relaxed, comfortable style of these! Great work!

Maryanne @ Scrappy Gifts - I love Sydney. Beautiful work. I love the 2nd photo and the one where they’re holding hands at looking at each other. I’d love to win a family shoot. I’m in Idaho, but could even do a shoot in Utah at the end of October if I won.

Whitney - Adorable as ever. I have never ever ever in my life won a giveaway so please pick me!

DebZorn - Syd is just adorable. Your photos are great. Thanks for sharing.

Gabrielle - I follow the daybook and these are some great shots of them (:

Gabrielle - I loveeeeee these pictures!

karmina - Wow, I would love to win a session!

karmina - Pick me!

karmina - I also liked you on Facebook.

Kirsten Kelley - I LOVE great photography, and you’ve got some great shots. Although… Sidney and Tyson always seem to take good photos no matter what! 😉

I live in CA and would love to meet you!

Lauren Cooper - ok these are amazing! You do fantastic work!! Definitely wouldn’t mind a little engagement photo shoot with you as the photographer!! =)

Kirsten Kelley - Liked you on facebook. 😉

Lauren Cooper - “like” your fb page!!…love it actually!!

Shauntelle - Wow! You do a wonderful job! Love the photos, and love your style!

Shauntelle - Just liked you on fb. :)

Shauntelle - Just followed your blog. I live in Utah right now, and I’m from Idaho, and my husband is from California–we’d love to have you photograph us! 😉


Jennie Moss - followed on FB.

Amy Brown - Geri, you’re awesome! I love your point of view through the lens. Awesome work. I’d love you to photograph my fam!

Amy Brown - Oh, and I totally like you on facebook….if there was a LOVE, I’d be there. :=)

Amy Brown - And, this makes me seem like a stalker, but I follow your blog.

Maryanne @ Scrappy Gifts - like you on FB – ScrappyDiva Maryanne

mary elizabeth - these photos are beautiful!!

mary elizabeth - i also like you on facebook!

Kamila - Wow! Those two are so cute and photogenic. And what a great location for a photo shoot. Good job!

mary elizabeth - ….and i’m following me&him via google reader!

Angela Bigelow - alright miss geri, I have seen the pics that you took for audrey and have loved them, and these are adorable, and I am preg too and would love to win this so you could take some cute pics of my pregnancy:) Hope I win!! You are amazing at what you do

Tynj'a Lofgran - I love these pics…your AWESOME!!!

Alice C. - What an absolutely gorgeous photoshoot!

Lucy D - wow, these are amazing. make me look beautiful!

Tania B. - Oh!!! Love the maternity pics! I’d love one for myself!

Lucy D - liked your facebook page. pick me!

Claire Johnson - I love Sydney and her growing family! So beautiful! Your work is as well!

Claire Johnson - Just liked ya on fb!

Rachel - PIck me! I love your work!

Rachel - I “liked” you on FB!

Ashley - Can Arizona be included in the giveaway? Please please please?!

Rachel - ……and I follow Me and Him :o)

Casey H. - As a (hobby) photographer, I appreciate photos. Unfortunately, I don’t get to take a lot of pictures with my husband as I am usually the one behind the lens and not in front of it. I would love to win a shoot and get some pictures of my hubby and I :]

Thank you, Sydney, for your blogpost referral!

Catherine Anne - I have been a follower of Me and Him for a long time!! Love your style, photos, and blog!! :)

Catherine Anne - Liked you on FB!

Catherine Anne - I live in Utah, but I’m up for a road trip to Idaho or California and it would be OH-SO-WORTH-IT!!

Nicole Lamb - OH wow, these are amazing pics! Amazing colors! I have four little girls under age 5 and we have not had pics together since they’ve all been here! Crazy town! pick us pick us!

Kelsey - The Hubs and I have been wanting to anniversary pictures! I’ll cross my fingers and toes!

Alyssa Richardson - I love love a free photoshoot!! thats the best giveaway ever!

Kelsey - I like you on FB

Kelsey - I like Me and Him

Alyssa Richardson - and i liked you on facebook

Sarah S. - Love the photos– found you through the Daybook– love her!

kelly - awesome photos! my hubby and i are waaaaaaaaaay overdue for a shoot. so happy i live in idaho!

Grace - I can’t get over how gorgeous these are! It would be amazing to win 😀 You’re so talented! Does NorCal count?

Sarah - So sweet!

Madeline - I LOVE to look at all kinds of photography. You might say it’s my weakness .. :) You are an amazing photographer and I’d love the chance to get to do a photoshoot with my friends and I, my family and I, ANYTHING. You’re amazing and so are Sydney and Tyson :)

Christine - I’d probably wet myself from joy if I won.. and that would be awkward. But so totally worth it.

Christine - I follow “me and him” !!

Erin W - I absolutely love this photo shoot! Adorable pictures of a happy/excited couple!!!

Zory - GORGEOUS! I can’t believe how talented you are!

Elizabeth Parra - These photos are just gorgeous :)

Addi Hewlett - What beautiful pictures! My husband and I live in LA and would LOVE to win a photo shoot!

Kendra - YOU are super duper talented Gurl!! I can’t stop looking at all your pictures…UH-mazing!! I hope I’m a winner winner chicken dinner 😉

Kendra - Following your blog via GFC!

Kendra - Likin’ you on FB!!

Andrea - The photos are absolutely fab. I love the lighting, colors and sheer simplicity of the photo shoot. Who knew maternity shoots could be so tasteful and cute. The white sheet is so overdone. This was super refreshing :-)

Andrea - Liked you on facebook!

Rebecca - A Daily Something - Alas, I do not live in CA/ID/UT but I am commenting because these pictures are absolutely incredible! You captured so much love. :) And the colors are fantastic!

Amber - I have a hard time finding a photographer that I like. I guess I am picky , but wow your photography is beautiful. I love it!

Amber - I like photosbyGeri on facebook and follow your blog.

Kaylie - These are such gorgeous pictures!

Kaylie - I also like you on Facebook!

Thu Huynh - OMG – these shots are magical! Thank you for sharing, I am an avid reader of the daybook and love love S and T to death, cannot wait until their bundle of joy comes out. These pictures came out great and really captures the moment, I wish I had taken more pictures like this when I was pregnant…

Rachel cowan - These are amazing and inspiring! I would love a win with you!

Rachel cowan - Liked on Facebook too!

Jessica Rietveld - I’m engaged and would love a free photo shoot … so fun :)!!! And such great photos absolutely amazing!!! Go Daybook!!

krystle - I would love to have a little shoot with you! Please please please!

Megan Plaisted - Geri you are such an amazing photographer! And this girl has quite the glow radiating from ALL of these pictures.

Lauren - I hope I can look this cute when I’m preggo! Awesome pictures!

Sheena Brown - I really enjoy the colors and style you capture in your photography. =)

Brandy - What a wonderful give-a-way!
Beautiful photos!

Jessica F - I love your pictures!! My husband and I are adoptive parents. We have a new baby girl born July 3rd. She is gorgeous and I would LOVE some great pictures of her!!

Jessica F - Liked you on FB.

Hilary - Beautiful pictures! In love with your style!

Sarah Christensen - These are great! I’d love to have our family pictures taken by you!!

Joanna I. - I’m from New Jersey but live in California. Love that shoot. My Dad’s a photographer, so I’ve got appreciation for you. I follow Sydney, So that’s how I found You;)

Adriana - Love the pictures! Sidney is a beautiful pregnant lady :)

Adriana - I already like you on facebook :)

Adriana - And I follow Me and Him :)

Allison Elliott - Beautiful Pictures!! Would love to win a shoot :)

Amie - Love your beautiful photographs–you captured their personality so well which is my favorite thing to see!

Lauren Miles - Wow, these are the best maternity photographs I have ever seen! Very well done.

Brynn Clarke - I am in love with your work! I am thinking of going to BYU-I myself and majoring in photography. I would love to meet you and my family would love to win this shoot with you!

Brittany Davis - Seriously, how can you not love these two?? They are the cutest! I’m so excited you’re offering this shoot in Utah! Cause that’s where I live. :)

Brittany Davis - I “like” Photo by Geri on Facebook!

Wendy@ The Shabby Nest - Ohhhhhh! This is such a beautiful shoot, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win that portrait session…we are in sore need of updated family photos!

Brittany Davis - I love your music choices! You have amazing taste! I follow Me and Him.

tarynnr - Beautiful photos! I would love some of my own :)

Miranda Conkle - O-M-GOODNESS!!! I positively love your work! These photos are fantastic!

Kati Blackledge - Wow, 387 comments??? Girl, you are Popular!!! We need a shoot but we are broke, so free works!!! I hope I win!!!

megs - Girl I have told you this countless times I LOVE your work and I just figured out how to leave a comment, so there are bond to be more comments from me haha…..miss ya girly……and I might be needing engagements/wedding/bridal…I’ll keep you posted!!!!

Kati Blackledge - Follow follow you!!

Shoee - Geri I love what you do!!! you are amazing. I would be so happy to have pics taken by you.

Kati Blackledge - likee on FB!!

shonee - Geri I love what you do!!! you are amazing.

Angie - LOVE love love it all! You are Super De Duper Talented and I would LOVE to win a photo shoot! 😀 Crossing my fingers!

Angie - I previously liked you on FB…Yo!

Parker's Mama - Yo. Gimme the free sesh. Pulease.
Love your work, you’re my fav.

Chelsey - Your photos are fabulous! I can’t remember taking any photo classes with you, but I got my BFA at BYU-Idaho, I’m pretty sure you were also a photo student right? So happy to have come across your blog, your work is beautiful… so of course I would love to win some family photos!

Chelsey - and I “liked” your facebook page.

Chelsey - and followed your other blog!

Rachelle Tucker - Well I hope by now you know that I’m a huge fan of your amazing photos! So winning a free shoot would be AWESOME! I’m looking for a family picture to hang in our living room so I hope I’m your gal! :)

Conni Chavez - I love your work and i love sydney and tyson! such a cute couple. i would love to win a photoshoot from you:)

Carrie Chapman - Just had a baby and would love a free shoot of our family!

Carrie Chapman - I like you on Facebook (and in real life)

Carrie Chapman - Following you!

Nicole - Absolutely LOVE this shoot. You did such an amazing job with Sydney and Tyson :)

Your photography seriously inspires me. I may have left this in a comment to you before but I usually pull up your website when I edit my shoots and try to color correct according to how your pictures look. I LOVE your processing and style. You have a true talent Geri!

Nicole - I follow “me and him” :)

Nicole - I liked photo by geri on facebook!

Michelle Larson - Okay… I totally stalk you… but hopefully you remember me! (Aubrey’s buddy) :) I LOVE your work! When I grow up, I want to be like you! AMAZING stuff!

Melissa Utsey - So this is random but I will be in CA for a week with my son and parents (hubby will be home in NC) but if I won this shoot I could give him the cutest present. Here’s hoping I win!!!

Cristen - adorbs. there has never been a cuter pregnant lady. :)

Maren Theodore - this photo shoot is to die for! love it :)

Jill Anderson - Okay so here’s the dealio…I just want to know if you really read every comment to see who leaves a post worth really listening to! You know I love your work especially when you shoot my grandkids! One thing I have noticed on many, many photogs blogs or sites is that you rarely see a grandma shoot! I want to go on record for speaking for all grandmas everywhere…”We can take great pictures too!”…especially when you have a photographer like Geri and a lot of help from Photoshop! I’ll be waiting for your call!

Amber Swarbrick - Ooooooo!! How I would love a photo sesh with my awesome hubby! You are a great photographer :)
xoxo Amber S.

Brianne - Cute pics!

Brianne - I like you on face book!!!!!

Brianne - I follow Me and Him!!!

Melissa - Love your stuff!

Stacy - LOVE these pics! Such a cute little family :-) We recently had our first baby and would love to win a family photo shoot!! Thanks for the opportunity!

Stacy - Like you on Facebook :-0

Bree - My fiancé and I are a fan of your work. We are getting married in the salt lake city temple and we are going all-out for our old Victorian themed reception at the Devereaux Mansion downtown SLC. I guess I’ll cross my fingers! :)

Stacy - Following “me and him” … cute blog :-)

Julie Christensen - I know this is a shot in the dark, but I’m crossing my fingers I win anyway! I’m a Mom of five little blondies, and also a photographer, so my house is full of beautiful portraits. Problem is, I’m not in any. Would LOVE some beautiful photos of me with my little darlings. And my big darling, too!

Nancy D - Hi Geri!
I just saw your link on Jason’s page. I love your work. The colors are so vibrant and the lighting is brilliant (especially the natural lighting you use). I would love to win a free photoshoot w/ my friends!

Lilian - OMG, your photos are amazing!

Charlotte - Very interesting points. Thanks!

My blog:
DSL Vergleich

Kristine Scott - What a fun session! I hope I am half that cute when I get a little bump :)

Jessica - OBSESSED with these! crossing my fingers i win your giveaway! i’d love to surprise my friend with an engagement photo sesh!! :)

Renae Tucker - I am following me and him!

Rachael - love the pictchas!

Rachael - i like photo by geri on fb.

Rachael - AND i follow me + him! love you both!

Maren - I lOVE your work! You have talent my friend!

Bree - Would love some gorgeous family pictures!!

Kayla - BABES! All of you are dolls! Love their blog, LOVIN yours, but most importantly the photography! My hubby and I got hitched just a month ago, Needless to say I would lovee to flood my tiny home with fab pictures like these, with yours truly.. The Gardners! (thats us!)

You got mad skill!
[plus it would give me a reason to get some threads! Haha!]

Melinda Page - So pretty! I love these photos. Beautiful job Geri!

Brooke - Oh please I would love to win! I think you are adorable, and I have been dying to have my and my husbands pictures taken. We live in the San Francisco area so come visit, and take our pictures! :)

Brooke - I am following me and him too! And “like” you on facebook. :)

mandy - Do you have any idea how adorable your pics are?! Srsly lady you gots skillz.

Katie Allen - Love your work!

Katie Allen - I’m a follower!

Erin Blackmun - Love this photo shoot. What a darling couple. And you captured them so well. I live in Utah with my cute hubbie and four kiddos and would love to win this photo shoot. Pick me! Pick me!

Leslie - these are so beautiful! i love them and now i want to move to idaho! please pick me for the giveaway!

Aubrey - dang gina! you get around! :) these photos are soo fun! love the style!

Aubrey - … and i and a very devoted follower..;)

savannah - love the photo shoot! i have been trying to find a new photographer for a while and i love your style.

savannah - p.s. following and liking.

Jenn S. - We *just* moved to Orange County and would LOVE to have a photo session with such an awesome photographer! You have a great gift!

Lacy - Beautiful photos. If I win, I hope I can pick up some tips from you. :)

kelly - These are the cutest pictures I have ever seen of adults in love and the way you photograph is amazing and so creative! Absolutely beautiful artistic photos!!

Rachel - Geri, your work is amazing!!! Would feel like I hit the jackpot if I win

Rachel - I follow you on your blog Me and Him too!

Rachel - I have liked you on FB for awhile now! Lucky me! :)

Tram - i love the pictures :)

jenie starks - I LOVE this shoot and follow sydneys blog like a stalked! I pregnant with my second child and would love some love shots with the hubs!

Sarah - how fun! i love couples shoots :) and i love the regular style of “engagement/couple” shoot versus the typical maternity shoot.

Erin Permann - Very cute pics… I need to schedule a session for you to take pics of my girlies… they haven’t had pics for a long time… and I keep waiting for me and Shane to get cute and skinny… but we’re just getting older and fatter… heh heh Your work is awesome :)

Tessa - My boyfriend and I would love love love to win! (He’s from Southern California, so we visit often.) Thanks for the opportunity!

Sylvia - Great job … it makes me happy to see you using your talents!!!

Kimberly - I like you too!

Kimberly - I love your mad skills. We need some new family pics–crossing my fingers!

Heather - Love your photos:)

Heather - like you on fb

Nikki d. - So adorable. I am in need of winter maternity shots, and you would be just the gal. Love your work.

Amanda Castleberry - Hey hey!!! We connected awhile back because of our CF stories :) I am also a photog in oc and STILL want to hook up one of these days :) We could do something really fun, anyways… I would LOVE to win!! You are awesome!

Katharina - Oh, my goodness. What great light, great subjects, great color. Can I be great, too?

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Ethan T.

This little man is Ethan—he has lots and lots and lots of hair and he enjoys being wrapped up like a baby-burrito. Both of which happen to be two of my favorite baby things.

jason - I love this little burrito man! Mikey jr. is my homeboy.

Leslie - adorable!

Chyleen Tucker - Ethan is my little grandson. His pictures are adorable. Can I buy copies?

Richardson family

The thing about this whole going to school part of life is that you find all these great friends and then they or we move on to the next adventure and then we have to say goodbye and that’s sad. That being said; these peeps were some really great friends and before they moved away we did a fun family photo session at the Laguna Beach (because it’s beautiful).

I think what I love best about these photos is that you can see how much Aubrey loves being a mom and how much Brett loves being a dad. It’s evident through these photos—and you can see how happy they are! And that makes me happy.

i do adore – mindy gledhill

Aubrey Richardson - You are awesome Geri. I’m so glad you captured that yes, indeed, we love being a mom and a dad. I’m not sure you could’ve given us a better compliment. And a perfect song to accompany too. Thank you, thank you. I’m in the process of plastering these on my walls. Love them! Miss you guys!

Ashley - I love the new website Geri. You are a rockstar times 2!

Julia Warren - Geri, I love your new site! And I LOVE these pics. They are glowing!

Leslie - love these photos! i’m gonna miss those guys!

Jill Anderson - Yep! That’s my daughter, her hubby and my adorable grandkids! I think you should shoot the grandmother and see if you can improve her 52+ yrs. of sun, wrinkles and gray hair!!!

Aubrey - These turned out awesome!! The colors she choose turned out perfect! LOVE laguna! LOVE it! And geri.. you are talented :)

Ron Anderson - These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with me.

Grandpa Ron Anderson