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Parker A.

Our friends Steve and Stephanie had a baby (remember them here) and about two weeks after he was born we had a little life-style shoot to document that precious newborn stage. It seems like this little bit of life flies by way too fast, so you gotta catch it before it’s gone.

Now Lil P is a full-on baby, all smiley and happy. He’s our buddy and I feel honored to say that we were his very first real babysitters. He thinks we’re totally cool.

Esther Beazer - Love the 1st shot!

Nicole - Geri these are amazing, as always!! You get white balance down to the t like no one I have EVER seen!

Also I swear this guy {or at least a guy that looked a lot like him} was in one of my classes in college.

What a cute family

Megan and Chris

So these two are super classy and totally in love….. if you can’t tell.

My favorite part about shooting Megan and Chris was the way they fit each other. They are adorable together. Seriously. Complete with long, adoring stares and quoting Ben Stiller. Both of which are musts for a successful engagement session! And I may or may not have made them do those long, adoring stares to get some awesome shots—but they totally rocked them.

This engagement session was a blast!!! Made me remember exactly why engagements are maybe (probably) my favorite.


Lucy - Beautiful couple and beautiful place!

Cassie Coleman - These two are a darling couple. Love all the shots.

Alyssa Richardson - I absolutely LOVE the shot peeking through the grass!

the Summers family

Oh boy! I love these guys. Emily is Jason’s cousin, so that makes her my cousin too and that makes me happy! It was so fun to see this adorable little family, let alone have a ourselves a photoshoot. We decided to do a bit of double-tasking and do some photos for the little man’s birthday…. and that’s his red trike, handed down from his big sis. That trike seriously made me squeal! I love it!!! I would totally get my hands on one if I thought I could rock it.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered—Stevie Wonder


Nicole - I LOVE when you update! Seriously I am such a fan. Love the pictures :) What a cute family the mom is beautiful

Serene - Beautiful Geri! You’re white balance is always PERFECT! Love your style, lady…

the Nash kids

These guys are some of the most beautiful/photogenic kids I have ever met! Hello Tyra! Next Top Model Cycle 113 here we come!

We had our photo shoot at their sweet grandma’s house in Poway. And what a house/yard she had!!! So beautiful and so perfect for this shoot. And afterward we were sent home with some super delicious chocolate/caramel brownies! Now that’s what I call a great shoot.

In the Sun—She & Him

Leslie - absolutely gorgeous photos! the kids are darling. great job!

Page family

This super rad family was photographed on our last trip to Idaho. Love these guys!!! Especially their little dolly, Emlin, who has the prettiest blue baby eyes I ever did see.

Un Named—Leona Naess

Melinda - I’m telling you Geri, you are a WIZARD! I don’t know how you managed to get any good photos, with Emmy fussing so much and my awkward -self, but I love them all so much! Thank you so much!

Audrey - Oh I am in LOVE! Okay, I need to get on the ball and set up a sesh with you next time you’re in town. GEEZ I am LOVING these of Pages! So so so so cute!