Photo by Geri » custom portrait and wedding photography

Sarah and Tyler

It was so fun to spend some time on a Friday morning with Sara and Tyler. We walked around their favorite beachy-neighborhood and tried not to get run over by cars, then we got the puppy and the cupcakes and headed down to the beach. It was a pretty perfect little morning actually! And let me tell you something—these two were made for each other. Picture perfect.

Required listening: What I Wouldn’t Do, A Fine Frenzy

Please note: these are not the same cupcake.

Emily - You’re so good! I love these!

Melissa - These are adorable!

the Andrew family

From the minute I met Esla I knew we were probably soul sistas. And look at those beautiful kiddos!! Watching them play with their papa was so adorable. These guys have the coziest living room and the cutest house, complete with white picket fence out front… I mean who can beat that? Plus they’re totally rad, evidence can be found below below.

Required listening: Bruises, Chairlift

Lucy - Beautiful family, place, home and everything!

Esla - Yikes, how exciting! I just saw these on here. Not sure when you posted them. How fun for us. Thank you for doing such a great job and it was really fun to meet you! New Years card still to come 😉

Kristen and Nick

In October I took a drive up to the Santa Ynez Valley for a perfect plaid flannel and apple orchard session with the most perfect couple in all of Santa Barbara. If it were possible to have a crush on a place it would be the Santa Ynez Valley. The only word that comes to mind is magical. That and other really good words like “Holy wow, that place rocks my socks off and breaks my little photographic-heart!” But magical sounds so much more poetic and professional.

These two are the sweetest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet—and they really know how to play Backgammon (always wanted to meet someone who knew how to play Backgammon) and they like it! Before they were married, while dating long distance, they would meet somewhere in the middle and this was one of their favorite activities. They make those flannels so classy.

Required listening: The New Love Song, Joshua James

And if that just wasn’t enough, you can see lots more in the slideshow RIGHT HERE!!!

Leslie - i think that boy really likes that girl. you can see it in his eyes. darling photos of a darling couple.

Kendall - Geri all of these pictures are amazing!! I am seriously in love :) You are so talented! Can’t wait for you to take my senior pix! Love ya!

Nicole - I just love your style Geri, the processing you use is amazing. Wish I lived near you, I’d love to second shoot and get advice from you :) but NorCal is a bit far from you! Your pictures always make me so happy though!

aleisha - can i just say, WOW! These are so beautiful! I just can’t get over it.

the Clarke family

This is one of my favorite families….. ever. I told them this about nine hundred times—this will be the last time I promise, stopping before I start to get creepy. They are so laid back, so happy, and, holy moly! They’re all super models! Awesome. Oh, and nice clothing choices Clare family. I loved that everyone had their own style and personality. A+ guys.

We had a blast exploring nature, along with the trillion bugs that she has to offer and the peacock that decided to parade his feathers past us as we were wrapping up.

It was kind of perfect.

Required listening: Family—Zach Gill (featuring Jack Johnson)

Brynn Clarke - I’m so excited about these photos! Thank you so much Geri, you’re fantastic! And I love the song you chose!

Tina - Your pictures are phenomenal!!!!

Taytum H.

This sassy little lady had herself a birthday. To celebrate we took some photos and her mama-mia, Rachael, brought balloons (because we all know birthdays equal balloons…. chello). Taytum is alllllllll girl and makes the best face expressions ever—she’s pretty much a kick in the pants and I love her attitude.

Before baby numero dos was born Rachael wanted a few photos of her plus the baby bump—so we snapped a couple of those at the end. Now Taytum has a super rad baby brother and I hear she’s totally in love with him and a pretty awesome big sissie.

Lindsay - I love all of the bright colors and light feeling of these photos. And that girly is so sassy!! So dang cute that’s what!