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the girls of Oh So Delicioso

Today it’s the girls of Oh So Delicioso! These hot mamas cook up all sorts of savory and sweet treats in their kitchens—then they put the recipes of new faves up online for me and you to salivate over, and create ourselves. I have to say, having cookin friends aint bad. I often get a text that says something like “Lettuce wraps. Come grab some if ya want!” Well ok, if you insist. And those lettuce wraps were bomb. For reals. If you’ve got a hankering, find Desi’s recipe here.

The food blog started with Desarae (aka: Des/Desi) who loved to blog and who also loved food. Her sister, Aubrey, quickly became her partner. And as years went on friends trickled in to contribute, adding their own unique specialties and tastes. All these ladies strive to make their homes and husbands and lucky little kiddlets happy and healthy by whipping up goodness in the kitchen.

Well, these gals were working real hard on developing a new blogsite and they decided some new photos of its contributors were in order. And I was happy to assist them with that! Working on the creative of this shoot was so much fun. I love a client who tells me to dream up whatever I want—”We just want to illustrate our different personalities and friendship”. Best type of client directive ever!

Required Listening: Sugar, Sugar – The Archies

Let’s meet the girls, shall we?

Des, mama of three happy bebes and creator of Oh So Delicioso / Stephanie, fried chicken and Diet Coke enthusiast and thoroughly Texan / Anna, cooks with her husband and gets down on the dance floor

Carly, sunny California girl and resident vegetarian / Aubrey, busy mama, nurse, book clubber, and co–creator of Oh So Delicioso / Kadee, lover of Thai food, makeup, and the color red

Photographed April 2013

Bobbi - Super job Geri! Wishing I was friends with all those beauties!

Tiffany - Desi you are so beautiful! What a fun group of girls!

Catherine - Your photography is always so fresh and fun. Love it! You inspire me, Geri!

Makayla - This just put a BIG ‘OL smile on my face! Love the tunes :) PERFECTION!

Aleisha - I absolutley love this pictures! What a fun photoshoot!

Kendall E.

This radiant redheaded beauty is graduating high school in six days. She is quite the triple threat—dancing, singing, violining. She is also Jason’s baby sister and hair twin (except hers is long and currently his is a fro). I love Kendall. She laughs at all my jokes, has a ready supply of juicy boy stories that allow me to squeal at high octaves and yell things like “Oh no he di’n’t!”, and will do anything I say for the sake of a fantastic photograph.

We think you’re pretty awesome Ken! And we can’t wait to see the great things you do and hear stories of your many adventures to come.

Required listening: Cups (“When I’m Gone”), Anna Kendrick

Photographed April 2012

Beth Willmore - She is beautiful!! I can’t believe those ballet moves, amazing!! Good job Geri and congrats on gratuation Kendall!

Suzie - Such fun pictures! She sure looks like her pretty momma.

Kendall - You’re the sweetest Geri! You have no idea how much I love my senior pictures!! Thank you a billion times. That day will go in the books as one of my favorites!! Love you sis! Thanks for everything!!:)

Leslie Sanders - wow wow and WOW! those are amazing! so you had a great model, but seriously geri, how do you do that? you have got talent.

Kim and Charles

Super awesome couple, super awesome beach. Everybody loves these two lovebirds. Like everybody.

Photographed February 2012

Caley - LOVE them! So beautiful Geri…you are amazing!

aubrey - Adorable Geri. I love every single picture in this shoot! Just gorgeous.

Sarah and Eric

Sarah and Eric might be the most sincere and sweet couple I have ever met. She’s a California girl, he’s a Utah boy—once they met and there was an immediate spark. “There was something about this girl” Eric lit up when ever he would talk about Sarah. After quite the love story, these two finally got engaged and I am so so happy they chose me to photograph a few of their most special moments.

Plus they both love Sperry’s—so that obviously made us fast friends.

Our fall photo shoot took us to the canyons of Provo with the brilliant leaves. It was heavenly.

Photographed October 2011

Suzanne and Jordan

Last fall I was fortunate enough to visit Salt Lake City to photograph the wedding of Suzanne and Jordan. It was a crisp late fall day and love was in the air. This couple was obviously made for each other. And that dress… that dress… that 1950’s dress…. was obviously made for Suzanne.

What a happy day and what wonderful people!

Photographed November 2011

Steph - seriously beautiful…I miss your work.

Suzanne - Oh yay! These are so great! Thank you again so so much! I couldn’t imagine having any other photos.

Corina Sorensen - Your photos are beautiful! Absolutely stunning.