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winner winner winner!!!

Thank you everyone for the amazing response! WOW!!! I am seriously feeling the love.

Because of the high volume of entries and because I am my very own boss and because it’s really fun to push the generate-a-random-number button, I decided to giveaway TWO (holla)!!!!!

Congrats ladies! I’m excited to work with you both very soon!

Shannon cait - Congrats to those girls, although I am bummed it is not me! I can’t wait to see their photoshoots!

Brooke - Dang. You should have another give away, I am bummed too it’s not me. Next time you are up in the SF area, I’ve been dying to have my husband and I’s pictures taken!

Meg - I cannot believe how lucky I am!!! Sorry to you other gals… But Geri is all mine! For an hour or two!!

Jill Anderson - Just keep me in mind for the next Grand-Mother shoot! Have a blast with your LUCKY winners!

erin jane - Wow.. I wish I was the lucky winner of this. Your images are amazing. I saw them on the daybook and was drooling.

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