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Melissa and Aaron

Many times after wrapping up a session I feel sad to say goodbye to my brand new friends… I feel like maybe there should be an after-party or something? I don’t know, but this was one of those times. Melissa and Aaron are just that awesome.

Aaron has Cystic Fibrosis, like Jason. Melissa is married to a wonderful man with CF, like me. She is often times a cheerleader, a caretaker, a “hospital wife”, a positive person with bright faith for the future; and he is full of fight and courage. They face the world and all of its challenges together… and that makes it all alright. When brushing upon the subjects of CF I could feel a soul–sister connection with my girl Melissa. I could see the worry in her eyes, under her smile—the unsettled feeling that can be ignored most days, but is just there. But mostly I could see the love, the unconditional love, and admiration and respect they both shared for each other—and the way they make each other oh, so happy.

Their love is so beautiful. They are beautiful.

Required Listening: You and Me – Dave Matthews Band

Photographed April 2013

Lindsay - Geri, I am ENTHRALLED with your photos. So perfect… and so, so beautiful.

Kim - So true Lindsay. Beautiful Geri.

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